FusedWorld was a successful international real estate advertising portal launched in 2006. The portal facilitated listings and advertising of any type of property anywhere in the world, from land parcels, bungalows, houses, flats, condos, apartments, vacation rentals, timeshares, offices, to complete islands just to name a few. The goal of the site was to connect the property seekers with the owners of unique real estate across the globe. The contact information as well as the usage of the site was free of charge with no registration, while property owners paid a small fee per property listed. In exchange for a listing fee, FusedWorld received no commission on any of the property sold, leased or rented.

Unfortunately, with the rise of large social media monopolies as well as web technology becoming increasingly affordable, despite best efforts, FusedWorld ceased to exist over a decade after its inception.

Today, by visiting and keeping this page open, you are helping relaunching the legacy of FusedWorld. Basically, when you keep this page open, you are contributing some of your computing power to raise money for the relaunch of FusedWorld.