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Road Traffic:right side
Frequency:50 Hz
Plug types:E,
TV Systems:
System:SECAM L
DVD-Region: 2

Western Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay and English Channel, between Belgium and Spain, southeast of the UK; bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Spain
total: 547,030 sq km
land: 545,630 sq km
water: 1,400 sq km
generally cool winters and mild summers, but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean; occasional strong, cold, dry, north-to-northwesterly wind known as mistral
mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in north and west; remainder is mountainous, especially Pyrenees in south, Alps in east
GDP: $1.816 trillion (2005 est.)
GDP growth rate: 1.4% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $29,900 (2005 est.)
Inflation rate: 1.7% (2005 est.)
note: on 1 January 1999, the European Monetary Union introduced the euro as a common currency to be used by financial institutions of member countries; on 1 January 2002, the euro became the sole currency for everyday transactions within the member countries
Exchange rates:
euros per US dollar - 0.8041 (2005), 0.8054 (2004), 0.886 (2003), 1.0626 (2002), 1.1175 (2001)
Population: 60,876,136 (July 2006 est.)
Growth rate: 0.35% (2006 est.)
Roman Catholic 83%-88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%-10%, unaffiliated 4%
French 100%, rapidly declining regional dialects and languages (Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish)
name: Paris
time difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
486 (unified by Clovis)

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Mountain House for sale in Béziers, France

Stone House Southern France -1 hour beach - airport, TGV.30mins.Lakes,golf.

Europe » France Real Estate » Languedoc-Roussillon » Béziers » St.Gervais sur mare
Listings in France Europe Real Estate

€235,000 EUR

~ $266,682 USD
Mountain House for sale in Béziers, France
Property:Mountain House
Year built:1500
Area in sq. feet:2,152.78
Lot size in sq. feet:12,055.58
Price in EUR:€235,000

This charming stone house is situated in the beautiful natural park in the mountains of High Languedoc Rongas is a small hameau attached to St. Gervais sur mare, an old Roman town and is also on the St. Jacques de Compostelle trail. There are many beautiful walks thru bird filled forest, along small gorges and past waterfalls. In the springs birdsong fills the air.

The house has thick stone apparent walls, heated by a woodburning fireplace and has two floors, roof deck, a deck beside a small pool and a stone terrace and balcony. On the first floor there is a open style living room and kitchen and a bedroom with en suite bathroom and toilet. The second floor contains and large bedroom and a large office, library, bathroom and small kitchenette leading to the roof deck.

Some furniture is included in house and both gites are furnished.

There is an artists studio which could be made into another bedroom or studio flat as there is also a toilet etc.

Opening off the garage there is a fully equipped one bedroom apartment with an attached small garden.

There is also a large established garden with lots of fruit trees and flowers etc backing onto a small stream.

The house is situated one a very quiet street that ends in a cul de sac.

This is a house an artistic person would love.

St. Gervais sur mare is the centre of a very interesting area. Lamalou les Bains is 20 minutes away, where you can take a hot spa. There is an excellent opera house in Lamalou les bains and a Casino. There are many attractions nearby and also day trips to such places as Albi, Spain etc..

If you are sportive, you can canoe down the Orb river, play golf, ride horses, play tennis and excellent bike rides.

There is always some kind of entertainment going on in the local villages.

St. Gervais has a grocer, butcher. Hairdresser, 2 bakers, garage, tabac and more and the big supermarkets are 20 minutes away

Features & Amenities

Swimming Pool
Studio Room
Stove/Cook top
Satellite TV
Pet Friendly
Parking Space
Mountain View
High Speed Internet
Washing Machine / Washer

Property Highlights

Old Stone Built Farmshouse recently rest
,a Gite on ground level
a separate small guest house
a large garden
painting studio
Roof terrace.

Picture Gallery

Questions & Answers

Q: Dear, I am Capt. Jim Ovia; I will like to buy your house that you advertised. Please let me know if it is still available. I want to relocate to your country and your house looks perfect. Also you can let me know the very best price you can make to me as a last offer. You can contact me on my email: [email protected] Sincerely Capt. Jim Ovia
Dear Capt.Ovia, The house is still available. We have already reduced the price many times from 300,000E and at the realestate agents
the house is priced at 250,000E . Let me know if this is alright and if and when you are coming over to see it.


Pamella Timmers Home No. Fr. 0/467239948
Australian owners sp.english
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This Mountain House for sale in Béziers, France was first listed on 2009-02-01 14:55:34.

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Listing No. 30669
Parking spaces:3

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