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Road Traffic:right side
Frequency:50 Hz
Plug types:C, D, E, F,
TV Systems:
System:PAL B (was SECAM) / PAL G
DVD-Region: 2

Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey
total: 131,940 sq km
land: 130,800 sq km
water: 1,140 sq km
temperate; mild, wet winters; hot, dry summers
mostly mountains with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands
GDP: $236.8 billion (2005 est.)
GDP growth rate: 3.7% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $22,200 (2005 est.)
Inflation rate: 3.5% (2005 est.)
note: on 1 January 1999, the European Monetary Union introduced the euro as a common currency to be used by financial institutions of member countries; on 1 January 2002, the euro became the sole currency for everyday transactions within the member countries
Exchange rates:
euros per US dollar - 0.8041 (2005), 0.8054 (2004), 0.886 (2003), 1.0626 (2002), 1.1175 (2001)
Population: 10,688,058 (July 2006 est.)
Growth rate: 0.18% (2006 est.)
Greek Orthodox 98%, Muslim 1.3%, other 0.7%
Greek 99% (official), English, French
name: Athens
time difference: UTC+2 (7 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
1829 (from the Ottoman Empire)

Note: Information on Greece was mainly sourced from CIA's World Factbook and may represent an American point of view. To learn more about Greece, please visit one of the links below.

House for sale in Míkonos, Greece

Unique View Into The Aegean Sea

Europe » Greece Real Estate » Kikládes » Míkonos
Listings in Greece Europe Real Estate

€2,300,000 EUR

~ $2,610,076 USD
House for sale in Míkonos, Greece
Area in sq. feet:2,690.98
Lot size in sq. feet:4,843.76
Price in EUR:€2,300,000
PRICE REDUCED on 16JUN2011 !!!!!!!!!!! NO SCAMS. (I will not fall for them, and your email will be forwarded to the authorities)..... MYKONOS the celebrity island, One of the most popular places around the world where you can own a complex of 3 houses. The estate is located very close to Mykonos town, and is facing the old port. The property starts from the level of an uphill road, where the open air parking lot for 2 cars is next to the entrance of the residences. As you walk downwards 8 steps, and head to your right, you come across the first house of the complex, which includes the following: a traditional veranda with built in sofas (made of cement painted white) that has an amazing view to the sea, living and dining room that have a huge central window facing the veranda, 1 bathroom, 1 small but fully equipped kitchen, and at the end of a 2 meter corridor is the master bedroom with a built-in bed (made of cement) and a wall full of closets. The surface area is approximately 50 square meters, and it should be mentioned that there is air conditioning in the bedroom, plus central heating in all rooms. The second house of the complex is located 15 steps lower. This one does not have a sea view, but it has other advantages: a spacious veranda, protected from the strong aegean wind, with built in sofas that are under the cooling shade of an old lemon tree. The interior plan includes a living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bedrooms (one of which has built in beds) and 1 bathroom. The surface area is 50 square meters, and it has a unique advantage: because it is located underneath the first house and its east side is built inside a rock, there is no need for air conditioning. There is a pleasurable cooling in the summer time and warmness in winter time. This residence is on the same level with the garden, an area of approximately 150 square meters. There you can enjoy the beautiful pergola that gives shade to the comfortable built in sofas, and you have the opportunity to use the traditional greek stove plus bbq. The view is simply breathtaking, since you can see the town of Mykonos, the endless sea and of course the famous island of Delos. The 2 independent houses were actually one residence when they were first designed and constructed in 1999. They were connected internally with a staircase. In later years the needs of the family changed, so they were separated, but a reconnection is always easy, as the original architectural plan has never been altered. Just 5 steps lower stands the main house, which is the largest of all 3. It was built in the year 1980.The surface area is 150 square meters,there is a spacious veranda with built in sofas, full of trees and plants, and one cannot miss the amazing view of the agean sea, similar to the view one has from the garden.As you enter from the main door, you find yourself in the living room, that offers a marvellous view through the big traditional windows. Additionally, in wintertime you can use the beautiful greek style fireplace.The master bedroom is located in the eastern side, independent, with a “en suite” bathroom and a laundry room. In the northern side of the living room  the open plan kitchen and dining room is located, that also have a full view of the sea from a big window. This particular part of the house has a height of approximately 5 meters, an architectural fact that made possible the creation of 2 traditional attics, that in the past served as childrens’ rooms. At the present time, the one is transformed to a cozy living room with view to the sea. Next to the fully equipped kitchen the second bathroom of the house is located. Central heating and cable tv are two extras of this house. The door frames and window profiles of all 3 houses are made of aluminium. The complex is not included  in the official city planning, which means that it is not allowed to build any new building. There is always though the possibility of renovating the existing buildings. As soon as the urban planning is extended, then the owner will be able to construct either a swimming pool or enlarge the existing buildings.  To conclude, the 3 houses have the following:
  • 4 bedrooms and 2 attics
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 3 kitchens
  • 1 living room
  • 1 dining room
  • 2 open plan living and dining rooms
  • storerooms inside and outside the main house
  • 2 parking spaces
  • central heating
  • 1 fireplace
  • big verandas
  • garden
  • panoramic view of Mykonos town, the Aegean sea and Delos
Location : The property  is situated on the slope of a hill that faces the old port and the city of Mykonos. Underneath the complex, in a close distance, a yacht marina is under construction, due to be delivered at the end of 2009. The town centre is at walking distance, 300 meters away, but the neighbourhood remains very quiet.  Total surface area is 450 square meters.Surface area that is built is 250 square meters.The garden occupies 150 square meters. Starting price of land at this area is 6000€ - 8000€ /square meter of land. The original selling price of the property is 3,300,000 €

Features & Amenities

Satellite TV
Pet Friendly
Parking Space
Ocean View
Central Heating
Air Conditioning

Property Highlights

High value of land
One of a kind
Uninterrapted view 180o

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Voulgaris Gerasimos
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This House for sale in Míkonos, Greece was first listed on 2009-02-16 12:22:03, and then updated on 2011-06-23 19:30:13 GMT.

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Listing No. 30812
Price negotiable 
Parking spaces:2

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