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Road Traffic:right side
Frequency:50 Hz
Plug types:C, F,
TV Systems:
System:PAL B / PAL G
DVD-Region: 2
Bordering countries:

Southwestern Europe, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Spain
total: 92,391 sq km
land: 91,951 sq km
water: 440 sq km
maritime temperate; cool and rainy in north, warmer and drier in south
mountainous north of the Tagus River, rolling plains in south
GDP: $204.4 billion (2005 est.)
GDP growth rate: 0.3% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $19,300 (2005 est.)
Inflation rate: 2.3% (2005 est.)
note: on 1 January 1999, the European Monetary Union introduced the euro as a common currency to be used by financial institutions of member countries; on 1 January 2002, the euro became the sole currency for everyday transactions within the member countries
Exchange rates:
euros per US dollar - 0.8041 (2005), 0.8054 (2004), 0.886 (2003), 1.0626 (2002), 1.1175 (2001)
Population: 10,605,870 (July 2006 est.)
Growth rate: 0.36% (2006 est.)
Roman Catholic 94%, Protestant (1995)
Portuguese (official), Mirandese (official - but locally used)
name: Lisbon
time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
1143 (Kingdom of Portugal recognized); 5 October 1910 (independent republic proclaimed)

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Motel for sale in Bemposta,Mogadouro, Portugal

For Sale Hotel Sold 1.300.000 Euros (Negotiable)

Europe » Portugal Real Estate » Bemposta,Mogadouro » Bragança
Listings in Portugal Europe Real Estate

€1,300,000 EUR

~ $1,475,261 USD
Motel for sale in Bemposta,Mogadouro, Portugal
Price in EUR:€1,300,000

For Sale Hotel Sold 1.300.000 Euros (Negotiable)

Fantastic business or investment opportunity

The partners of Hotel Solar dos Marcos, located in Portugal, are interested in finding an investing partner or selling the company and property in totality. The hotel, which is in close proximity with Spain, has been classified as excellent architectural value by the Portuguese General Directorate of Tourism.

Real Inn dos Marcos is a historic palace that has been reconstructed from an old Episcopal residence (18th century). Located in the Portuguese village of Bemposta, where D. Manuel Martins Manso, Bishop of Guarda, was born and lived. The Bishop Martins-Manso added the chapel to the original building, in honour of the Holy Mary, in the second half of 18th century.

The 4-star property currently integrates eight double rooms with one room adapted for the physically challenged, one suite,rooms and suites all with room of bath, conditional air, TV satellite,an extensible restaurant for up to 140, a bar, one multi-functional hall for 40 places, private garage covered for 13 places, private chapel and a garden with swimming pool.

The project still integrates a private park that provides access to the residence of the manager consisting of one dinning room, a kitchen and two bedrooms. Due to the localisation of the hotel and its topology of construction, it is possible to extend it by acquisition of adjacent old gardens and rural houses, however keeping the hotel's main entrance.

The factors that could accelerate the success of the Solar are identified as investment by increasing the number of rooms, investment in equipment for tourist entertainment; mini-golf, own boat, 4x4 vehicles, marketing and publicity in Spain and Portugal; and the effective integration in international tourism circuits.

Other opportune factors that contribute include the hotel's location in the Nature Park of International Douro (PNDI), therefore offering favourable conditions for the development of a local tourist market, with special emphasis on ecological tourism and adventures. The Hotel is one of the first of this kind in the area of the PNDI.

Proximity to Spain; near the cities of Salamanca, Zamora and Formoselle, allows the attraction of Spanish tourists as customers. The benefit of existing roads and those still under construction offers good internal road links and links with Spain as well.

The house "Dos Marcos" has an entertainment programme, based on the routes along the Arribes del Duero. It offers the opportunity of going on a boat trip along the River Duero, trips by car or excursions on foot around the most important areas of the International Duero Natural Park and the "Arribes del Duero" Park. The Solar is encircled with hunting zones; including the wild boar thus making hunters potential target customers.

Other activities offered are; hiking along the banks of the International Duero, donkey rides, mountain bikes, 4x4, bird watching, hiking and mountain bike routes, participation in the traditional grape collecting in the Arribes del Duero or in the Oil Route of Tràs-os-Montes; an accredited oil from the Arribes del Duero region.
In the past 12 months the partners have come to establish partnership agreements with travel agencies, which has allowed them to implement mixed packages including lodging, restoration and activities such as the boat rides on the Douro River as well as visits to Spain.

How to get there ?

Rua de Santa Cruz - 5200 Bemposta (Mogadouro )

BY CAR The EN 221 runs all along the border area of the Northeast Transmontano territory from Miranda do Douro to Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo From here it joins with Guarda/IP5

The EN 216 which joins Mogadouro to Macedo de Cavaleiros

The EN 219 which joins Mogadouro to Vimioso

The town of pueblo Bemposta is reached by following the EN 221 which crosses it after 6 kms., along an alternative route (EN 221-7) which crosses the village and ends at the Spanish border, at the crossroads with the Bemposta dam, 2 km. away

The Spanish village of Fermoselle is only 6 km. from the border

Main communication links with Spain:

  • 25 km. to Mogadouro Airport   Pt
  • 64.5 km. to Zamora Es
  • 93.1 km. to Salamanca Airport Es
  • 142 km. to Valladolid Airports Ryanair Es
  • 330 km. to Madrid Airport Es
  • 130 km. to Puebla de Sanabria Es (via Bragança Airport ) Pt

The partners cannot afford further investment hence their interest in finding an investing partner or proceeding by selling the hotel. The Sale / investment will be for 1.3m € (Euros) while the conditions of sale / investment are: the payment of  entrance (600,m ) immediately - with signature of a contract of commitment; the payment of  (700,m ) with the signature of the final contract before a notary officer.

Features & Amenities

Lift / Elevator

Property Highlights

For Sale Hotel Sold 1.300.000 Euros

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