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Road Traffic:right side
Frequency:50 Hz
Plug types:C, I,
Note:*Neutral and line wires are reversed from that used in Australia and elsewhere. 
TV Systems:
System:PAL N
DVD-Region: 4

Southern South America, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Chile and Uruguay
total: 2,766,890 sq km
land: 2,736,690 sq km
water: 30,200 sq km
mostly temperate; arid in southeast; subantarctic in southwest
rich plains of the Pampas in northern half, flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia in south, rugged Andes along western border
GDP: $518.1 billion (2005 est.)
GDP growth rate: 8.7% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $13,100 (2005 est.)
Inflation rate: 9.6% (2005 est.)
Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)
Exchange rates:
Argentine pesos per US dollar - 2.9037 (2005), 2.9233 (2004), 2.9006 (2003), 3.0633 (2002), 0.9995 (2001)
Population: 39,921,833 (July 2006 est.)
Growth rate: 0.96% (2006 est.)
nominally Roman Catholic 92% (less than 20% practicing), Protestant 2%, Jewish 2%, other 4%
Spanish (official), English, Italian, German, French
name: Buenos Aires
time difference: UTC-3 (2 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)
9 July 1816 (from Spain)

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Farm/Ranch for sale in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Polo Ranch In Argentina Buenos Aires

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~ $0 USD
Farm/Ranch for sale in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area in sq. feet:21,527.82
Lot size in sq. feet:1,872,920.41
Price in ARS:1


Important horse estate made and personalized in an oasis of green and perfumes, surrounded by more than 4.000 plants between secular, decennary and on fruit and equipped by regular Polo field, 1.100 mt. race track, 2 circular tracks for the breeding of horses plus lake and 2 wells of pure mineral water from the wider water reserve of the planet "Cuenca Acquifera Del Guarany" for the irrigation of the estate.

18 Has property including various structures and buildings such as: 450 sqm main farmhouse dated back to the first of XI century built in English style equipped with 6 X 12 mt. swimming pool completed by changing rooms and showers and protected by high shrubs and trees and hedges of Italian blackberry plus Jardin d'hiver completely surrounded by glass windows with tipical big barbecue (parilla) for large dinners and meetings.

Guests house, Guardian dependance, service dependance, hobbies house and games room with Windows on three sides equipped for the game of squash and basketball plus small vineyard and plants nursery such as black currant, hybrid blackberry, raspberries, blueberries and gooseberry and 3 further dependance.

Several agricultural buildings including huge canopy, silo for deposit fodder for 24,000 Kg. of feed, other dependance engaged as staff and responsible of the teams dwellings equipped with 4 x 8 mt. swimming pool plus main stable composed by 23 box for race horses and further 2 box for thoroughbred and mothers plus secondary 18 box stable

The plants are very rich and includes Large orchard equipped with 40 large plants as plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, figs, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, kinotto, almonds, kernels, walnuts, chestnuts, 3 varieties of kiwis, cherry, black cherries, apples, pears, Japanese pears, medlar, Olive Trees plus second orchard of tropical plants such as Avocado, banana, Mango and papaya. A pinewood with plus than 180 pines of over 10 - 15 Mt. of height covers part of the estate which allow to collect more than 100 Km. annual porcini mushrooms. All the gardens and orchards are closed by hedges and Italian blackberry which collected more than 200 kg per year, served by irrigation, avenues and internal private roads.

Approximately 30 medicinal secular eucalyptus trees and hundreds more young of the same species make particularly perfumed the air and ensure firewood for the winter.

The position and the climate are very favourable. Well connected by roads and highways to Buenos Aires, the estate is situated adjacent a town equipped with all the services, schools, universities, market, hospitals and clinics. The climate is extremely mild and it is possible to use the swimming pools for more than 5 months a year.

The property boasts several facilities to complete such as jump school well placed and protected by secular trees with structure for the animals transport.

There is the project for the construction of a new main farmhouse lying over 1 has of grass fenced by pines and eucalyptus and a golf driving with 3 hole availability.

Important note is the possibility to convert the property into country club (the activity is currently collect enormous interest) selling part of the property as lot parcels.

Reserved negotiations

Further information and pictures are available in the spotlight section of the web site


Flaminia S.r.l.

Real estate and investments

24121 Bergamo - Italy

V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65

Ph +39 035 231588

fax +39 035 232714

[email protected]

Facebook: Valle RealEstate

Twitter: ValleRealEstate

Skype: Valle-Real-Estate

Features & Amenities

Washing Machine / Washer
Studio Room
Stove/Cook top
Satellite TV
Maid's Quarters
Maid's Bathroom
Laundry Facility
Jacuzzi / Hot Tub
High Speed Internet
Coffee Maker

Property Highlights

Drying Machine / Dryer
Dish Washer

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Questions & Answers

Q: can you please send me more details as well as the price Thank you Jessica Hutchinson
Miss. Jessica Hutchinson

I’m answering your question about property in Argentina - Buenos Aires received by the website,

Thanks you first about your interest,

In this respect I inform you that the informations about the property of possible your interest are classified as confidential. In order to provide this reserved Informations I need to receive a personal request of informations completed by all potential company or private purchaser data (such as name, surname, address and telephone number) to send at the company email address [email protected] or directly at the headquarters:

Flaminia S.r.l.
Real estate and investments
24121 Bergamo - Italy
V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65
tel +39 035 231588
fax +39 035 232714
[email protected]

I will certainly send you the informations necessary for your preliminary evalutations and, if necessary, is possible to fix a meeting to discuss the conditions privately.

Awaiting for your response

i wish you merry Christmas

Best regards

Valerio Valle


STUDIO VALLE real estate was founded in 1999 by Flaminia Valle, who had been actively involved in all facets of the real estate market since 1982. Our trend is exclusively focus on prestigious real estates (above all historical residences) and real estate transactions of great importance. Such activities demand the highest professional skills, an impeccable reputation and unfaltering competence. We structure profitable investments and high quality developements in collaboration with banks, investment founds and ventures, in italian, all of europe and indeed worldwide. A choice selection of the highest quality Italian and worldwide properties are guaranteed for those making private investments or personal purchases. Sales are generated through focused advertising in qualified periodicals and trought high-levels contacts, with absolute discection and continuous attention from the commission beginning untill the notarial deed. Great importance is given also to the medium-long term rentals in exclusive estates for apartments buildings. The average time needed to sell/buy or rent apartments or medium sized housing units is about 1-3 months, for complete estates villas or for those with special situations 6-12 months are necessary. Our collaboaration with important international art experts and reviewers advice the customers about exellence personal artistic properties dismission which we resigned for either contemporary or historical expression. Full assistance is guaranteed through all the phases of the transaction: architect, landscapers and interior designers, web designers, graphics and future technology assistants, business and financial consultants, lawyers, notarys. Favourable agreements with the main credit institutes are available. All the advices are included in the commission. STUDIO IMMOBILIARE VALLE Flaminia S.r.l. REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENTS 24121 Bergamo - Italy V.le Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 tel +39 035 231588 fax +39 035 232714 [email protected] Агенство недвижимости VALLE было создано в 1999 году на основе постоянной деятельности в области недвижимости президента Flaminia Valle, с 1982 года фактически занятого в самых разнообразных сферах этого сектора. Направление нашей деятельности, сосредоточенной главным образом на элитной недвижимости (в особенности, на исторической), и важность операций с недвижимостью требуют высокого прoфессионализма, должной тщательности и компетентности. Важные операции с недвижимостью и инвестиции осуществляются совместно с банковскими институтами, инвестиционными фондами и предприятиями на всей территории Италии и за рубежом. Личные капиталовложения и частная собственность гарантированы в самых важных исторических - коммерческих центрах и в самых элитных итальянских и международных туристических зонах. Продажа осуществляется с помощью рекламы в специализированных журналах и благодаря знакомствам в высших кругах, с соблюдением конфиденциальности, с обеспечением поддержки с самого начала операции до подписания договора. Важную роль играет средне-долгосрочная аренда зданий под представительство с быстрой процедурой продажи / приобретения / аренды: 1/3 месяца для квартир или зданий среднего размера, 6 месяцев / 1 год для особняков, вилл или в особых ситуациях. Сотрудничество с опытными искусствоведами, известными на международном уровне, поможет клиентам при продаже движимого имущества и выдающихся произведений искусства. Клиентам обеспечивается полная поддержка в отношении многочисленных операций, связанных с куплей-продажей: архитектор, дизайнер интерьера, ландшафтный дизайнер, веб дизайнер, художник компьютерной графики, бухгалтер, адвокат, нотариус. Благоприятные условия с главными кредитными институтами. Все консультации уже включены в стоимость Услуг. Агенство недвижимости VALLE Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121 Бергамо - Италия viale Vitt. Emanuele II n. 65 Телефон (+39) 035 23 15 88 Факс (+39) 035 23 27 14 [email protected] 学习房地产山谷出生在从事实上,被做出在部门中的最多样化的环境中的1982年在一种不断参与正常的Flaminia Valle的房地产环境的基础上创造的1999年。 我们地址,几乎专门指导到巨大优点(主要历史的财产)的财产和高重要性的房地产操作强加最高专业人员,严重性和竞争。 高水平的房地产重要的操作和投资在全部意大利的领土和外国人中积极地被实现与银行实体,投资资金和企业合作。个人的投资和私人的财产在历史的最重要的中心中和在那些中被保证--商业但是意大利和国际著名的旅游者位置。 当我宣誓公证人时,销售通过在高水平的表示杂志和知识中指导的和从一开始,跟随直到公开被实行,具有绝对的判断力命令。 巨大重要性有租金到一半以高表示的财产的长期间销售术语与获得与租约: 更多完全的财产,ville或者特殊的形势的中等的尺度6个月与/ 1年的公寓或者单元的1/3个月。 带有国际威信的艺术的重要的专家的合作能为我涉及货物家具的减少资本投资的委托人服务和艺术优秀。 它完成它在所有销售和购买的多重的环境中被保证的出席: 建筑师,内部的药物,花园药物,网络药物,图表和新的助手或者,议案的表演,律师,公证人。 带有主要的信誉机构的有利的协议。所有协商已经被包括服务里面。 VALLE地产代理公司 Flaminia S.r.l. Real estate and investments 24121贝尔加莫 - 意大利 通过维托里奥埃马努埃二、65 电话号码(+39) 035 23 15 88 传真(+39) 035 23 27 14 [email protected] IMPORTANT REAL ESTATE BUSINESS commercial - residential - industrial in the best commercial / historical centre in italy, europe and worldwide
STUDIO IMMOBILIARE VALLE Real Estate and Investments Office No. +39 035231588
Fax No. +39 035232714
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This Farm/Ranch for sale in Buenos Aires, Argentina was first listed on 2008-07-06 17:58:06, and then updated on 2011-05-05 16:42:15 GMT.

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