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Road Traffic:right side
Frequency:60 Hz*
Plug types:A, B, C,
Note:*Talara 110/220V; Arequipa 50 Hz
TV Systems:
System:NTSC M
DVD-Region: 4

Western South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean, between Chile and Ecuador
total: 1,285,220 sq km
land: 1.28 million sq km
water: 5,220 sq km
varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes
western coastal plain (costa), high and rugged Andes in center (sierra), eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva)
GDP: $164.5 billion (2005 est.)
GDP growth rate: 6.7% (2005 est.)
GDP per capita: $5,900 (2005 est.)
Inflation rate: 1.6% (2005 est.)
Currency: nuevo sol (PEN)
Exchange rates:
nuevo sol per US dollar - 3.2958 (2005), 3.4132 (2004), 3.4785 (2003), 3.5165 (2002), 3.5068 (2001)
Population: 28,302,603 (July 2006 est.)
Growth rate: 1.32% (2006 est.)
Roman Catholic 81%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.4%, other Christian 0.7%, other 0.6%, unspecified or none 16.3% (2003 est.)
Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara, and a large number of minor Amazonian languages
name: Lima
time difference: UTC-5 (same time as Washington, DC during Standard Time)
28 July 1821 (from Spain)

Note: Information on Peru was mainly sourced from CIA's World Factbook and may represent an American point of view. To learn more about Peru, please visit one of the links below.

Resort for sale in Iquitos, Peru

Exotic Jungle Lodge Spa & Healing Clinic

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Listings in Peru South America Real Estate

$118,000 USD

Resort for sale in Iquitos, Peru
Year built:2005
Area in sq. feet:2,583.34
Lot size in sq. feet:19,375.04
Price in USD:$118,000



                                                                     " Goddess  of    Amazon"                                     

                                                      Exotic Lodge ,Spa & Alternative healing Clinic     

                                                                         Iquitos  /     Peru     

                                                                             118,000.00  $       


This magnificent property has a strategic position in location ,directly facing the only "all weather road" south from the city of Iquitos to the smaller city of Nauta which is of utmost importance with Amazonian climate. 10 km from the International airport and 14,5 km. from the city center, about 20 min Bus drive .

Overlooking the Amazonian Rainforest, build on 1800 m² secure, and ( with 3 m high solid brick wall) protected land and  consists of 3 buildings : 4 single rooms , 4 double rooms & 1 triple rooms with,  3 bathrooms.

Built in the traditional Amazonian style with 2 large (with netting protected) terraces in the main building serve as the dining and social area of the lodge. The rooms come of authentic tropical design: comfortable with unexpected amenities. It provides a very special way for an ultimate jungle experience which will give to owner & visitors a genuine feeling for this important, beautiful and richly bio diverse region of the world.

Besides the small size, the lodge also offers as much world class efficiency as possible; the beautiful tropical botanical garden is adorned with 3 cute Water Lilly -fish ponds and palm trees. This block of land has sufficient place for additional buildings.

 The property is equipped with all the comforts and necessities, including electricity and running water, but just outsides the walls resides the healing force of the Magical Amazonian rainforest.

This magnificent property is perfectly suitable for every kind of use, be it for Spiritual seekers, Eco-tourism, Adventures’, International Soccer fans, religious gatherings, conferences or retreats or for retirement.

Considering the present worldwide pollution crisis, of the food, water, air & other essential needs of all life forms on our planet, this property offers for health: Peace, Harmony, Crystal clear spring drinking water, Fresh natural Air of the Jungle, completely Organic locally grown food and a place to say to the “Stress” goodbye. If this does not convince the future buyer, Iquitos has 3 weekly direct flights to Panama and from there to any part of the world. Comparing only to the last year figures, we witness this year 39% of growth of: Spiritual, Sport & Eco-tourism, especially since Amazon has been declared as the ‘’New 7 Wonder of Nature’’ as announced at the New 7 Wonders headquarters in Zurich on 11.11.11. The exotic tropical vegetation and pleasant temperature (25-30 C) during the Whole year makes this part of the world to one of the last existing paradise for pleasure & living.


Features & Amenities

Washing Machine / Washer
Stove/Cook top
Maid's Quarters
Laundry Facility
Jacuzzi / Hot Tub
Coffee Maker

Property Highlights

Quiet neighborhood,unpoluted aire,everyt
Drying Machine / Dryer

Picture Gallery

First floor,relaxacion space Relaxacion space in Big house



Dr. Miriam Hacker Home No. 0051 950465818
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This Resort for sale in Iquitos, Peru was first listed on 2008-04-15 11:41:26, and then updated on 2014-03-05 21:34:53 GMT.

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Listing No. 26485
Price negotiable 
Parking spaces:4

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